Carriage rides at the Advent Market in Strobl

A special experience: very close to the horses ...

A very special way of travelling.

Just like in the days of the emperor, you will travel through the Advent landscape in a horse-drawn carriage.

Take an extraordinary trip with family or friends. Experience the landscape from a completely different perspective and discover slowness. Experience the flair of times gone by. Simply be lazy and leave everyday life behind. There are many good reasons for a carriage ride.

Both riders and non-riders might enjoy this special way of travelling. When the horses snort in front, their hooves drumming softly on the ground. When the bearded coachman, dressed in a rustic costume, tells exciting anecdotes from the region. When the wind blows gently in your face despite the leisurely pace. A carriage ride is sooo romantic!

Small round app. 20 minutes  
Big round app. 50 minutes  


Enquiries and booking   
Kienberger Caroline 0664/9102278
Achleitner Andreas   0664/3927464
Hödlmoser Georg 0664/5846387