Including local animals, for example deer, sheep and goats, in a typical Salzkammergut nativity scene is a must, and for anyone visiting the Lake Wolfgangsee Advent festivities, the game reserve in Strobl’s nativity village is not to be missed.

Deer, roe-deer, goats and sheep can be seen around the life-sized nativity scene and near the entrance to Strobl’s nativity village - the most notable of which is Max the stag, who has been involved since the beginning and loves posing for a photo!

All the animals love a titbit and special wild game feed is, of course, available.

It’s great fun for young and old when the goats and sheep eat out of your hand trying to polish off every last little kernel!

The animals from the Mahdhäusl Guesthouse and Kleefeld Guesthouse game reserves are, of course, lovingly taken care of by their owners and given the best attention possible. So please do understand if one of the deer, or even Max himself, retreats for a little rest!