Nativity Scenes

These quiet places of contemplation are captivating.

People can’t help but gaze at the artistic figurines situated in all three villages around Lake Wolfgangsee, whether in the typical style of the Salzkammergut or that of the baroque.

Discover painted figures, lovingly placed in a stable by the artist Raja Schwahn-Reichmann near the Mozarthaus (where Mozart’s mother was born) in St. Gilgen. The painting is inspired by the colourful, three-dimensional baroque wall and ceiling paintings.

The Christmas Star in Strobl leads the way to the “Bethlehem stable” with figurines created by the artist Matthäus Mayerhauser from Strobl, which has many living animals, too.

Unlike in St. Wolfgang, the figures here are left in their natural state, including the largest of the Lake Wolfgangsee Advent: a life-sized wooden horse and its cargo of wood.

Admire the artistically painted, life-sized nativity scene figures in St. Wolfgang, whilst walking through the village center. As is typical for a Salzkammergut nativity scene, famous characters also make an appearance! Can you imagine Vera Russwurm (an Austrian television presenter) in a nativity scene? Some of the wooden characters will make you smile!