Nativity Scenes

Artistic Christmas nativity scenes are to Advent celebrations as the Schafberg Mountain is to Lake Wolfgangsee.

Strobl and St. Gilgen are the places to experience this very much alive tradition here in the Salzkammergut and, at the same time, to discover facts and learn some interesting things about the history of the Christmas nativity scene and its construction.

Nativity scene designer Sepp Winkler exhibits his most beautiful creations  in St. Gilgen’s Hotel Post! Whether traditional or oriental, whether large or small, each of the expert craftsman Sepp Winkler’s nativity scenes depicts the story in rich detail and in its own special way, and each nativity scene is guaranteed to be unique.

Take a look when strolling by the large glass front or check every detail when entering.

The crib village Strobl awaits you with Salzkammergut cribs as well as the nativity Scenes built by the children of the Strobl primary school. This year you can marvel at the cribs made by the children from roots, moss and clay figures, as well as the Salzkammergut cribs in the shop windows of the Strobl. Each nativity scene tells several stories.