The Light of

Peace Lantern

The 16 meter high, floating lantern in front of St. Wolfgang is the unique symbol of the Wolfgangsee Advent, inviting to pause, reflect and contemplate.

There was a big disappointment of the Advent visitorsin 2017. Storm "Herwart" destroyed the symbol of Wolfgangseer Advent, Europe's largest floating Advent lantern, in late October 2017. In the remaining weeks it was not possible to build a new lantern. In general, the question arose, whether such a large object can withstand the forces of nature at the lake. Thus, a new lantern was generally questioned.

The visitors influenced the decision: "Wolfgangseer Advent without the lantern - this does not work" hundreds, even thousands of visitors agreed. Thus, the Marktverein St.Wolfgang, the community and the Wolfgangsee Tourism Society agreed: we will build a new lantern, even more massive, more stable and - again made of wood.


"The most beautiful lantern that we ever had has been created," said the chairman of the market association, Fritz Gandl, about the new lantern since 2018.