The Light of

Peace Lantern

The new 12 metres high, floating lantern in the foreground of St. Wolfgang is the unique symbol of the Lake Wolfgangsee Advent Festivities, inviting us all to pause for a while, contemplate and reflect.

The lantern floats on a large raft in front of the Romantikhotel “Im Weissen Rössl” (The White Horse Inn).

Visible from afar, it lights the way from the opposite shore to those arriving and, being such a popular subject for photos, its message of peace is taken into the world. Surrounded by stars gently dancing on the water and illuminated swans, the wintery Lake Wolfgangsee really glitters in the lantern’s light.

By the way - the organisers of the St. Wolfgang Advent Market sail out to the

lantern in a little boat every day to light it. They remain there for a while to take in the peace of the Lake Wolfgangsee waters before returning to their work to give you an enjoyable, traditional and, at the same time, exciting day at the Christmas Market.

The nicest view of the lantern is from the Uferplatz, a small square on the shore next to the White Horse Inn. The view is so impressive that it has become the worldwide image for the Advent season’s festivities in Austria.