the Baroque Advent Celebration

St. Gilgen

An excellent place to buy Christmas presents!

Shining from afar and guiding the way to St. Gilgen, an 11 metre high candle on the shores of Lake Wolfgangsee beckons one to a village bathed in the uniquely special light of more than 50 large candles.


The lovingly decorated customs-stalls on the church square tell the story of St. Nicholas or the Glöckler and show different scenes from Advent.

The rich decoration by the artist Raja Schwahn Reichmann immerses the place in a very special atmosphere. The vividly painted figures - people, angels, animals - are inspired by the colorful three-dimensionality of baroque wall and ceiling paintings and keep showing the viewer always new details.

The illuminated path takes you on a biblical journey from the ‘annunciation’ to the ‘flight to Egypt’.

St. Gilgen electric Advent candles are symbolic of Christmas and are a timeless reminder of your visit.  They are a fitting decoration for the home and radiate warmth and bonhomie.

The houses and streets are adorned with hundreds of red and gold St. Gilgen Advent candles. A tapestry of sound with real folk music from the region creates a special atmosphere.

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